We offer our clients quality components and expertise in the application of these Fluid Power products and systems as well as complete system design to suit customers particular requirements.

Sauer Danfoss 

Sauer-Danfoss-Daikin Hydraulic Products

These include Danfoss High Torque Slow Speed Motors for drives requiring high power at slow speeds, such as conveyor and wheel drives. A complete range of Cartridge Valves and Bodies. Sauer Sundstrand High pressure Open and Closed Loop Pumps and motors suitable for all types of hydraulic systems, Proportional Spool Valves, Manual or Electric actuation.

H1 Automotive Control                H1 Automotive Control               PVG Proportional Valves


Denison Hydraulics 

Denison Hydraulics

The Denison product range includes Cetop solenoid valves from size 3 to size 10. The range also includes Vane and Piston Pumps, Relief Valves, Check valves, Flow Control Valves, Industrial proportional Valves and Controls. The Denison range of "Gold Cup" Piston pumps and their huge range of vane pumps are superior quality and are used worldwide.

 T6CC Vane Pump     PV15 Piston Pump    Calzoni Motor


Stauff Hydraulic Accessories

The Stauff range of hydraulic accessories is very comprehensive and readily available from our stocks held in Townsville. Products including filters, clamp, test points and the complete range of hydraulic accessories. Stauff range of replacement elements are extensive with filters to suit almost any application. We also cover the complete range of Webster test equipment, including flow meters and test boxes.

Throttle and Flow Control Valves (Manifold Mounting)              Replacement Filter Elements              Clamps - Construction Series


Cross Hydraulics

Cross Hydraulics cover a large range of Mobile and Agricultural components Including manual directional control valves, and gear pumps. All of these world renown products come to you from the Cross Hydraulics range of products.

Rotary Flow Divider             Air/Oil Heat Exchangers              Straight Axis Piston Motors


SPX Power Team 


"Porta-power" equipment is an extensive array of high pressure specialized components for use in heavy duty applications. Their range of high tonnage cylinders when matched up to a huge selection of pumps, will be an important tool in anyone's workshop. They have a large range of accessories and associate tools, you could find that special tool that you have always wanted. With an impressive selection of puller sets, presses and all types of torque tools, Powerteam products are ideal to make light work of all those high pressure on site or workshop requirements.

Electric Portable 2-Speed        55/100T Aluminum S/A         2-5T Pulling S/A        1 - 1 1/2T Spreader

Filtrec - Technical Filtration  

Filtrec - Technical Filtration

Range includes filter replacement cartridges, filter assemblies for the whole range of pressure applications as well as suction and return filters.

Hydraulic Filter - Inline - FD-1 SERIES        Hydraulic Filter - Inline - FD-3 SERIES        Hydraulic Filter - Spin-On - FA-1 SERIES        Hydraulic Filter - Suction - FS-1 SERIES



Complete range of hydraulic pumps, PTOs, hoist valves and control system components.

PZB Axial Piston Pump          PZB Bent Axis Piston Pump          PZB Gear Pump          PZB Valve - Distributor

White Hydraulics  

White Hydraulics

Complete range of Low-Speed-High-Torque  motors and flow-dividers in the capacity range 52cc/rev – 748cc/rev

White Hydraulics Hydraulic Motor Series DT700              White Hydraulics Hydraulic Motor Series WS350              White Hydraulics Hydraulic Motor Series D9 800              White Hydraulics Hydraulic Motor Series DR600

Oil Control  

Oil Control

Valves suitable for pressure, flow, motion control and sequencing functions.

Adjustable bi-directional flow restrictors Special valves - Pump unloadingModular Directional valves - Inlet elementCheck and metering valves In-line



Range includes manual direction control valves 45 – 120 LPM and gear pumps to 61 cc/rev, maximum pressures to 350 bar

Flow diverter     Sectional control valve     Gear pump